Fiberglass windows outperform wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Every time. All the time. For a lifetime.

Fiberglass is a durable, energy efficient, low maintenance material superior to wood, vinyl and aluminum in many ways. Fiberglass is stronger and has nearly zero thermal expansion rate in comparison to vinyl. Compared to aluminum, fiberglass is far superior in thermal performance.

Fiberglass window frames can hold a heavier load without sacrificing performance or effecting weather resistance, thus allowing for larger window openings. Not only is fiberglass longer lasting and more energy efficient, it is environmentally friendly, made from partially recycled material and the plentiful natural resource of silica sand. The manufacturing process also uses less energy than that of other window materials.

With the combination of our fiberglass frames and energy efficient glass, you’ll notice the difference in the comfort of your home and in the savings in your energy bills. Now is the time to bring innovation into your home with FiberFrame fiberglass windows and doors.


Compared to other windows, Fiberglass is:


It is 8x’s stronger than vinyl. 3.5x’s stronger than wood/vinyl composites and 2x’s stronger than aluminum.


Less thermal conductivity than aluminum (500x’s less), so it doesn’t allow heat or cold from the outside into a building’s interior environment.


Almost zero thermal expansion rate (essentially the same rate as glass) means tighter seals against weather. Vinyl expands at over 7x’s this rate.


Virtually maintenance-free frames stay true to form due to strength of materials. No need for sanding, painting, or staining.